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5th Anniversary
Alumni helping out as victims and hostages during training exercises
50th Anniversary Quilt shaped to resemble safety building
Commanders from 50th Celebration
TSA Outing


General Meeting           Thursday October 5th        at 7PM at New Berlin Court House

Our speaker is Chad Stiles an Officer at Milwaukee Police Department 7th District. RN-Tactical Instructor at WCTC. Former New Berlin Firefighter

He will be talking about the growing homeless problem in Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs and what the causes of homelessness are. Drugs, job loss, alcohol abuse, mental health problems, loss of job and many other situations.

In addition, how many people are a step away from homelessness? It will change your view “on all homeless people are bums”, many of the homeless are working people who cannot afford housing and cannot get the help needed due to the system and cutbacks.

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