General Meeting: Thursday April 28, 2016

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General Meeting:  Thursday April 28, 7pm

New Berlin Courthouse

Celebrating 5 Year memberships of Association Founders

In late 2010 a letter, signed by Stephanie Brown and then Lt  Mike Glider, went out to over 250 graduates of the New Berlin Police Citizens Academy soliciting interest in formation of a new alumni organization. In the letter they acknowledged there was a small Alumni Association in existence at the time, but a “more organized association” might better support our NBPD.

The letter stated “the purpose would be to assist and support the City of New Berlin Police Department and its overall mission. NBPCAAA would promote awareness through volunteerism, fundraising and continued education. We would not be all work, we would also have fun. We would have guest speakers at our Quarterly Meetings who would be very interesting, informative and educational. We would also like to have some social gatherings to get to know one another.”

The central theme of the April 2016 General Membership Meeting was to recall the startup of the new NBPCAAA and celebrate the first five years of the revitalized organization. 34 members received a token of appreciation award for their five years of membership.

Stephanie and Mike Glider told how the renewal of the Association began with an email exchange in October 2010. That led to the survey of Academy graduate’s interest in reorganizing NBPCAAA. Responses were very positive and the new organization was born. The first Board meeting was held in early March of 2011 and the first General Membership Meeting in June.

On this night, Chief Rieder and Glider attested to the huge role outgoing President Stephanie Brown played in the rebirth of a NBPCAAA. They pointed to her energetic leadership and vision getting the organization going with a new look and purpose. Her  efforts have been a key element in achieving success with the Association’s numerous activities in support of the NBPD. We applaud you Stephanie, wish you the best and  thank you again for your commitment and contributions to a great cause – the NBPD..

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