January 2016 General Meeting

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January 2016 General Membership Meeting

Our guest speaker at the January General Membership Meeting was Eva Lewis of the
Milwaukee Crime Laboratory. The laboratory is one of three in the state acting within the
Division Of Law Enforcement Services, Wisconsin Department of Justice.
The crime laboratories in Milwaukee and Madison are full service labs providing
analyses in controlled substance, toxicology, DNA/serology, firearms/tool marks,
identification and forensic imaging. In addition, the Milwaukee lab provides analyses in
trace chemistry, while the Madison lab houses the State DNA Databank. The lab in
Wausau offers controlled substance, identification and forensic imaging analysis. Both
Madison and Wausau provide crime scene field response for law enforcement.
The crime labs operate within Wisconsin State Statutes 165.75 through 165.79. Ms
Lewis began with an overview of the Crime Lab’s organization and the applicable state
statutes in general. We learned the labs apply science to law. Their activities are
concentrated on potential acts of criminal felonies. Her presentation walked the
audience through all the disciplines involved, providing examples of how they are
applied in law enforcement.
In closing, Ms Lewis answered member’s questions. Her presentation was very
interesting, informative and well received by the membership. .

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